Foldable 304 stainless steel coffee filterFoldable 304 stainless steel coffee filter

Foldable & Reusable Coffee Filter


* 2-layer 304 stainless steel filter
* Food-grade ABS resin body
* Foldable arms, convenient to carry around
* Reusable & washable, no more paper waste

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Are you still using disposable paper filters for your daily coffee ritual? Do you know that paper coffee filters can cause the flavor loss of your coffee as well as producing a lot of paper waste? Now you have a better & more sustainable choice – our latest reusable coffee filter, which is as convenient as the common paper filters but provides you with 100% pure and delicious brewed coffee.

Featuring a double layer filtration design, a laser-punched thick stainless steel outer layer & a precisely woven ultra-fine inner layer, our reusable coffee filter can effectively filter 99% coffee ground and is durable to last a lifetime. Moreover, it comes with foldable arms that allow it to sit over cups with a caliber range of 76-110mm and fit inside all regular cups or mugs, which means you can enjoy your delicious coffee ANYWHERE!

Just bring it with your favorite cup to work, campings, and all your travel adventures. Or you can choose our full coffee cup filter set. It won’t take extra space in your bag and is more cost-effective in the long run.


  • 2-layer 304 stainless steel filter, more durable & effective than paper filters
  • Food-grade ABS resin body, easier to clean than paper filters, recyclable at end of life
  • Foldable arms, convenient to carry around
  • Reusable & washable, no more paper waste


Package includes: 
1*foldable coffee filter (or with a cup holder)

Simply rinse off with water, and you’re good to go for another brew.

Foldable coffee filter can be easily rinsed off with water

Reusable coffee filter suitable for both coffee brewing & making teaFoldable & reusable coffee filter parameter

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Type A (no cup holder), Type B (with cup holder)