Magic silicone sticky flower vaseMagic silicone sticky flower vase

Magic Silicone Flower Vase


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Have you ever accidentally break your flower vase? Do you often find it difficult to display your vase in a proper place? Well now, all these problems will be solved with our magic silicone flower vase, which can let you display your favorite fresh or fake flowers on any smooth surface.

No need to nail, no damage to the wall, no glue mark design. This creative silicone vase is made of a new polymer material that adopts nanotechnology to create countless small suction cups, making the back of the vase adsorbed on any smooth surface you’d love it to be, for example, windows, mirrors, refrigerator, cabinets, tiles, glass doors, etc. And the nanoscale polymer material is absolutely environmentally friendly, so please feel safe to use it in your family.

Unlike traditional ceramic or glass vases that are quite fragile, this silicone sticky vase is super durable and won’t break. And most important, it can be removed and reused without causing any damage to the surfaces it attached to. So you can always change its placement as you like.

This cute silicone vase is a perfect choice for home decoration or holiday gifts, which will brighten up your living space with a touch of vivid color.

Material: Silicone
Size: 15*15cm(5.9*5.9″)


  • Made of high-quality silicone, not easy to break & eco-friendly
  • Self-stick design, easy to adsorb on any smooth surfaces, no glues or nails are needed
  • Removable & reusable, you can always change its placement as you like
  • Suitable for both fresh and fake flowers

How to Use this Magic Silicone Flower Vase:
1. Make sure the applied surface is smooth and clean, with no dust & water stains.
2. Simply peel off the protective film, paste the silicone vase on the surface, and press until no air bubbles.
3. Wait for several hours before you fill it with water (in order to make it firmly stuck on the surface)
4. And last, put your favorite blooming flowers or green plants to add a little nature to your home.

Removable & reusable silicone vase in 3 colors

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Pink, White, Blue