Natural sisal fiber soap saver bag closeupNatural sisal fiber soap saver bag closeup

Natural Sisal Fiber Soap Saver Bag – 5pcs/pack


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Bath sustainable and extend the life of your soap bar with our reusable soap saver bag. It’s made of natural sisal fiber that helps to produce rich foam and gently exfoliate your skin. With this washable soap saver bag, the soap can be used up until the very end, no more waste of the leftover scraps!

Designed with cotton drawstring, this sisal fiber soap bag allows you to hang your shampoo & conditioner bars in your shower to dry. And also, it helps you go zero waste traveling easier as a perfect bath stuff pouch.

The soap saver bag is 100% compostable, so feel free to toss it in your trash bin when it gets worn out!

Size: 13*10cm
Material: 100% sisal fiber, cotton drawstring, lotus wood bead

Use & Care:
Just put your soap bar in the bag, rinse under water, and rub to produce rich bubbles.
After each use, rinse and hang up to dry.

Eco-friendly soap saver bag can be hung to dry

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