Reusable cotton panty linerReusable cotton panty liner

Organic Cotton Panty Liner


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Our organic cotton panty liner is more comfortable and healthier than disposable pads, for they are free of chemicals and super breathable, keeping you dry without causing skin allergies. The outer layer of this reusable cotton panty liner adopts organic cotton & TPU waterproof cloth, the middle layer is also organic cotton, and the meshed cotton inner layer touches the skin, which offers you a fresh experience and ultimate leak protection. With a snap-button design, this cotton panty line is convenient to clip on your underwear and fold up for storage. This reusable cotton panty liner is suitable for lighter flow days, or users who have a light urine leaking problem.

Size: 180*60mm
Material: organic cotton

Why Cotton Menstrual Pads?

  • Less contact with harmful chemicals.
  • Save money and the environment.
  • Organic cotton pads are less likely to cause rashes and contact dermatitis.
  • Women with sensitive skin and allergies may prefer cloth pads

How to wash and dry your organic cotton panty liner?
1. Please wash it before first use.
2. If there are stains on it, you can add a little salt and soak it in cold water.
3. Pad is machine washable or dryable, water temperature under 95F.
4. Expose it to the hot sun. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Organic cotton panty line material structureReusable cotton panty liner


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