Organic cotton menstrual pad in three different sizesOrganic cotton menstrual pad in three different sizes

Organic Cotton Sanitary Day & Night Pad


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The average woman throws away 250 to 300 pounds of menstrual products in her lifetime, which not only cost too much money but also produce huge waste. Why not ditch the disposable and replace them with an organic cotton sanitary pad for a better and waste-free period?

Our organic cotton menstrual pads are more comfortable and healthier than the single-use pads or tampons, for they are made from 100% organic cotton, free of chemicals, and super soft, keeping you dry without causing skin allergies. The highlight of these cotton sanitary pads is that they adopt a meshed inner layer design, which makes them more absorbent and breathable. Moreover, they feature a unique cotton insert design which allows you to customize the pad according to your flow. These organic cotton pads and inserts are easy to maintain, long-lasting, and also odor-free, making them a sustainable alternative to plastic period products.

They are available in three different sizes to give you the best protection, no matter on light flow days or heavy flow nights.

S: 280*80mm, with insert length of 250mm
M: 340*80mm, with insert length of 290mm
L: 400*80mm, with insert length of 350mm

Why Reusable Organic Cotton Sanitary Pad?

  • Less contact with harmful chemicals.
  • Save money and the environment.
  • Cloth menstrual pads are less likely to cause rashes and contact dermatitis.
  • Women with sensitive skin and allergies may prefer cloth pads

How to wash and dry your reusable cotton menstrual pad?
1. Please wash it before first use.
2. If there are stains on it, you can add a little salt and soak it in cold water.
3. Pad is machine washable or dryable, water temperature under 95F.
4. Expose it to the hot sun. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.


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