Reusable organic cotton towelsReusable organic cotton towels

Organic Unpaper Towels -6pcs/pack


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You can always reduce paper waste in your daily household chores with our organic unpaper towels! They are made from 100% organic cotton flannel, super soft and absorbent, perfect for use as dish towels, napkins, dust rags, and baby wipes. These reusable unpaper towels naturally cling together, making them easy to roll up like traditional paper towels, and they will become more absorbent and cling better with subsequent washes. Moreover, these towels come in a variety of cute prints and bright colors.


Organic Unpaper Towels Size:10*12inch, 6pcs per pack, will be sent out in random patterns

Please rinse well after use and keep away from harsh chemicals. Air dry or tumble dry low. Some shrinkage is possible!

Organic cotton towels with cute prints