Washable wet/dry bag for storing cloth menstrual pads with cactus printWashable wet/dry bag for storing cloth menstrual pads with cactus print

Waterproof Cloth Menstrual Pad Storage Bag

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Say goodbye to the messy situation with our waterproof cloth menstrual pad storage bag on those special days.

This washable storage bag is perfect for organizing your reusable cloth menstrual pads, diapers, or makeup pads. It features PUL waterproof fabric and a smooth zipper closure that can keep your soggy stuff or used pads sealed, which means no worrying about leaks and smells seeping through your bag. You can also use it to pack up clean cloth pads, cosmetics, and electronics when you go traveling or enjoy beach vacations. This reusable storage bag also adopts various gorgeous prints and compact size to bring you more fun and convenience.

  • Colorful print design, lightweight, waterproof material
  • Machine washable, eco friendly & reusable
  • Measures 18*14cm. Can fits 8-10pcs sanitary pads approximately
  • Versatile, suitable for storing other small items

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